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Lesson Planning and Delivery

CoreSciences offers everything needed to provide comprehensive lessons on all GCSE required practicals. Teaching can be planned in advance or delivered at short notice on any topic without requiring any lesson preparation or having to look anywhere else for resources.

Lessons can be delivered by teachers in the normal course of their schedules, but also the easy-to-follow format ensures that even teachers without a science specialisation can competently deliver the content - avoiding the need for costly supply teachers or loss of valuable lesson time.

All theory and required practicals are provided in an easy to use format. Engaging and effective practical lessons can be delivered as preparation for real experiments, or even instead of them (if time or resources are limited) without compromising the learning experience. Students gain a thorough understanding of the theory underlying all required practical topics and a high degree of familiarity with the physical skills required to carry them out, regardless of whether they ultimately perform the experiment in the lab itself or not.

Lessons can be followed up with homework and revision modules, all neatly linked together by topic to ensure continuity - ideal for reinforcing lesson content after classes. Lesson content and the required practical routines are also ideal for students at home who may miss classes due to absence. Remote learning using CoreSciences can be a very effective alternative to in-class teaching for absentee students while still allowing teachers to monitor their progress, provide interventions, and set targets.

GCSE Science. Lesson planning and science resources
GCSE science practicals. Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments 2

Interactive Experiments

Fully immersive, hands-on, interactive science experiments for all GCSE required practicals. All essential lab techniques and equipment handling routines are mirrored to enable students to practise and learn their required practicals before they attempt the real thing. All practicals have in-built variance so results cannot be memorised, ensuring students must always measure, record and calculate new data every time an experiment is conducted. Can be used in class and at home afterwards for homework, revision and reinforcement.

Theory teaching resources and interactive required practical modules provide teachers with a unique and simple way to structure lessons effectively. Theory and simulated practical work can be condensed in to one single lesson and also assigned to homework prior to any practical being undertaken in the lab. This pre-practical learning and simulation delivers a much higher student success rate of in-lab practical completion. All our required practicals allow for common errors and the scoring of students’ progress until they achieve required competency. Student performance is measured and fed back to both teacher and student with individual student intervention where necessary.

Intelligent Testing and Analysis

Our unique test modules combine revision and exam style questions written by our in-house science teaching experts. Multiple choice questions have a number of incorrect answers and can appear in any order so question and answer combinations are always different.

Testing can be on a specific topic or area of the curriculum to reinforce lesson content, or can be used as a revision tool offering questions from across the whole required practicals curriculum. Advanced classification of questions and individual analysis of results identifies student strengths and weaknesses. Bespoke interventions and individual feedback encourages students to focus on their weaknesses. Test structure incorporates identified weaknesses and drives students in those areas.

GCSE Science. Student performance and interventions 2
GCSE Science. Student performance analysis and feedback 2

Class and student Feedback

All required practical procedures and test data are aggregated and analysed at student and class level by topic and as a whole. Teachers can use powerful in-built tools to quickly and easily configure progress reports which can be generated to display class and individual student performance in relation to specific topics. Reports can be generated on demand for ongoing performance monitoring or for reporting performance levels to HOF meetings and at parents evenings, and additionally as a basis for bespoke interventions and recommendations for improvement.

Teachers, students and parents can all view student interventions, with teachers and parents able to receive additional performance notifications when tests are attempted/completed along with metrics of progress over time. Whilst data are initially displayed as a summary of performance, users can drill all the way down to individual sub-topic performance where required.

Teachers can set attainment targets at both class and individual student level allowing the teacher to track student performance against expected levels.

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